Southern Roadie


SR front cover medium

There are three types of soldiers on a battlefield: Targets, Followers, and Warriors. Jeff Briggs is a warrior.

During an ambush in the jungles of Vietnam, a rocket explodes near Jeff and his best friend Clarence. The next thing Jeff knows, it is two years later and he has no memory of anything past the explosion. The only clue he has is a worn piece of paper with Clarence’s address in New Orleans. He hits the road to find his friend and has struggle against injustices and temptations that threaten to keep him from his goal. During these struggles and without any warning, his reality shifts repeatedly from the road, into the jungle battle, and then back to the road again.

While in battle, he searches the jungle for his friend. He fights his way up a path following a blood trial that starts where the rocket hit them and ends when the path splits in two, leaving him feeling lost and hopeless. While on the road, he is attacked by a mob, jailed by a small town deputy, and then tempted by an old girl friend to stay with her. As New Orleans gets closer, he worries what truth will confront him there.

All the time, he is never sure whether the road or the jungle is his true reality.

Available in eBook, Paperback, & Large Print Paperback.