Gold Hill Revenge

A Skydiving Story

Book 3 of The Vertical Speed Chronicles

Coming in 2018


The third anniversary of the tragic skydiving accident that caused the death of Bob’s first wife, Carrie, is approaching. Bob asks Vicki and Rick to join him and Nancy, his new fiancé, to join him on a sunrise memorial jump. Unknown to all of them, others far away are planning to mark the anniversary with far more sinister plans

When Bob and Nancy don’t show up at the hangar the morning of the jump, Rick goes to their campsite to see what’s holding them up. Rick finds Nancy tied up and gagged. There is no sign of Bob.

As Nancy describes the events that happened just before dawn while she and Bob lay sleeping, Rick realizes who took Bob and why. For Bob to survive, Rick knows that he has to find the kidnappers before they disappear with Bob forever into the New Mexico wilderness.

After alerting the local sheriff about the kidnapping, Vicki and Rick leave in the Cessna heading toward the New Mexico border. After flying for almost an hour, Rick finally spots the kidnapper’s truck only minutes from the border. How to stop the pickup and get Bob away now becomes the problem.