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 My scrapbook contains over 100 headlines and articles from different newspapers around the world concerning the rescue. The first article appeared in the Phoenix Gazette the morning of April 22, 1987. The story was picked up by other US newspapers the next day and appeared worldwide the following day. Over the next few months, multiple print magazines ran articles on the rescue. In the late 1990s, the physics of the rescue became an Algebra 2 problem in a text book.

Below are links to some of the different print articles. I consider the coverage found in the LA Times article of May 10, 1987 to be the best newspaper account with their in-depth investigative work that told all sides of the story. I feel that the most inclusive magazine article was in the November 1987 issue of Readers Digest.


April 22 ,1987  Phoenix Gazette Newspaper

April 23, 1987  San Francisco Examiner Newspaper

April 23, 1987 The Arizona Daily Star Newspaper

April 30 ,1987  Phoenix Gazette Newspaper

May 10, 1987 LA Times Newspaper

June 1987  Parachutist Magazine

June 1987 Forbes Magazine

June 1987  US Magazine

November 1987  Reader’s Digest

Algebra 2 Text Book

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